Wisconsin Legislature Introduces Bill to Hamstring Employees with Non-Compete Agreements in 2015 Assembly Bill 91

Another fast-track bill aimed at limiting employee rights in Wisconsin with a proposal to overhaul Wisconsin’s law on non-compete agreements in employment. More to come, but this bill, if passed, will significantly rewrite the law to permit far greater restrictions and enforcement of unreasonable restrictions on employees following the termination of employment whether for a good reason, bad reason or for no reason at all.

On March 12, 2015, the bill was first introduced and read then immediately referred to the Committee on Labor. The following Representatives introduced the bill: Rohrkaste, Knoll, Gannon and Murphy. Senator Farrow co-sponsored the bill.

You can follow AB91 and read the text of the bill here:

2015 Assembly Bill 91

You can follow SB69 and read the text of the bill here:

2015 Senate Bill 69

More to come on this bill in subsequent posts.

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