White Class Action Notice for Bankruptcy Entry on Credit Reports

Consumers in Wisconsin and throughout the nation that have filed obtained bankruptcy protection are getting notices of a class action settlement in White v. Experian relating to credit report entries that report accounts discharged in bankruptcy. You are a Class Member eligible for benefits if you received a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy order of discharge and you have had a credit report issued by Trans Union, Experian or Equifax between March 15, 2002 and May 11, 2009 (or, for California residents in the case of TransUnion, between May 12, 2001 and May 11, 2009) that contained debts, accounts, judgments, or other obligations discharged in your bankruptcy that were not reported as discharged. Consumers that have actual damages such as the denial of credit, loss of a job or increased interest rates should consider whether the class action settlement will fairly and adequately compensate them for these damages. Consumers can opt out, meaning to decline to have his or her claim included in the class action, and bring his own lawsuit to recover damages individually. If one does not opt out of the class action, then the settltment will prevent non-opt out consumers from bringing a claim later on. The deadline for filing a claim form or opting out of the class action is November 30, 2009. If you don’t opt out of the class action and fail to file a claim in the class action, your rights to recovery will be cut off. More information about the class action settlement is at www.bankruptcydischargesettlement.com. If you have a claim, reside in Wisconsin, and want to know more about your rights, you are welcome to contact me at grl@rosedejong.com or 414-678-1681.

Attorney Gordon Leech
Milwaukee, WI

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