U.S. Congress Passes Anti-Wage Discrimination Act for Veterans and Servicemembers

The Federal Congress passed important amendments to the Uniformed Services Employment and Restoration Rights Act (“USERRA”) that will benefit veterans and current servicemembers in private and public employment outside the armed forces. The Veterans’ Benefits Act of 2010 (H.R. 3219) ("VBA"), among other things, would clarify that USERRA prohibits wage discrimination against veterans and current servicemembers. The measure passed the U.S. Senate on September 28th, 2010, and the U.S. House of Representatives on September 29th. President Obama, who co-sponsored bills containing these amendments when he was a senator, is expected to sign the measure.

USERRA is intended to encourage non-career uniformed service so that America can enjoy the protection of those services, staffed by qualified people, while maintaining a balance with the needs of private and public employers who also depend on these same individuals.

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